Baybars is the Duke of Khartoum in the New Human Empire and the Commander of the Imperial Janissaries the Household Guard of the Empress. A large man who serves as the bodyguard of the Empress Baybars has been shown to be an aggressive and skilled fighter. He is first seen leading a group of Palace Guards to arrest Ion Fortuna and later appears to intercept Abels uninvited excursion into the palace. Baybars is a loyal subject of the Empire and has even been known to show a certain amusement or enthusiasm at the idea of pursuing an enemy. Title: Duke of Khartoum Born: Power: A dangerous sword with 7 blades extending from the main blade. Background: This gigantic dark skinned man is the chief of the Yeniceri Janissary the Empires Palace guard. He acts as Mirkas bodyguard and is never seen smiling.