Furon is the 17 year old king of Tara a country which borders Tento. He is beloved by his subjects and well known for his generosity. Fearful for his kingdoms security Furon was manipulated by the Jester ten years ago into using Enlightened Evil flash of the demon to protect his people. As a result he physically appears much younger than he actually is although this is officially explained as being caused by a disease. One of the distinguishing features of the monstrous looking armored suit that he uses in combat to conceal his identity is its blonde mane and a bounty is placed on the suit by the Weapon Regulations Bureau for the death and destruction that Furon has caused while wearing it. This leads to Rushuna being confused with the armored suit as the bounty is described as having blonde hair. After Rushuna destroys his armored suit and defeats him Furon physically returns to his biological age. He then becomes convinced by Rushuna that he does not need weapons such as Enlightened Evil for Taras protection because all of his people are behind him. source: wikipedia