Keitarou Urashima

浦島 景太郎, Kanrinin, Ronin, Retaker
Birthday:Jan 5
Height: 171 cm 5 7 Keitar Urashima is a 20yearold cramschool student171cm who is desperately trying to get into Tokyo University in order to fulfill a childhood promise he made to a girl 15 years ago. This proves to be very difficult since he has terrible luck bad studying habits and cant grasp the material as well as others leading him to fail the exam three times making him a thirdyear ronin. His grandmother later grants him ownership of the Hinata Inn a girls dorimatory. His clumsiness lands him into deep trouble with the girls at the Hinata Inn as he is prone to accidentally seeing them naked or tripping and touching them inappropriately. Despite his flaws he is wellmeaning friendly and very determined traits which eventually wins all of the girls hearts.