アプリコット, Apri, Elfin Princess
Kind generous friendly mild elvish princess whose mission is to return back home to Fountain land before the total eclipse of the Sun. Her parents were killed by a monster Scorpion that occupied her homeland. Aboard the Bosco ship she is at first respected as a real princess but being humble and everything but egocentric she made clear that she doesnt want guys to call her Princess Apricot but Apri a short and convenient nick name which theyll start to use in the first episodes until the end. She is the one that encourages friends to help others in trouble even though it delays her progress. And often she notices beautiful sceneries such as flowers meadows etc. Her character adds a softer and feminine side to the rest of the crew. She is always ready to help with everything aboard Bosco and regularly helps Frog with every problem. Apricot and Frogs relationship develops in different way then with Tutty and Otter. As the story goes on romantic elements are combined with strong connection to each other from the first contact on the deltaplane to the very end. Source : ANN