JangGun Roto Hangul: Age: 16 Class: Sorcerer Wizard Subclass: Swordsman Occupation: High School Junior Roto his identity in the game and what he is most commonly called is a master level sorcerer later wizard. Along with Boromid and AhDol he is one of the members of Team Triple Threat. He is considered one of the most powerful players in the game logging over 6000 hours the most since last beta. JangGun is very short for his age but is still considered attractive and is popular with girls although he hardly notices them usually thinking about game strategy. Hes a bit of a jerk exploiting others to his own advantage and hitting Yureka when she irritates him. Although he is crazy for the game he still manages to maintain an Aplus average in school and put up with his chainsmoker mother and chatroomobsessed sister Rose ChangMi. When his Lost Saga ID card expires and he goes to renew it he accidentally picks up a hacked one with the name Yureka on it when he accidentally logs on with it Yureka is created. Roto mostly focuses on fire magic amp firebased summons i.e. Efreeti but he can use other elementalbased magic if need be. Along with the large repertoire of spells he has at his disposal he is a semiskilled swordsmaster supposedly shoring up many of the sorcerer class weaknesses. It is also to be noted that he has a large knowledge of obscure magical facts like how magic thats bounced off one force field will penetrate another no matter how strong.