Kwan-Su (Boromid) Hangul: 관수 Class: Priest (Temple Knight) Sub-Class: Warrior Occupation: High School Junior The master level priest (later temple knight) of Team Triple Threat, Boromid is frequently the comic relief. Unlike Roto, he enjoys the attention of girls his age, and is constantly frustrated as they all flock around his apathetic friend- he fancies himself a ladies' man, but he's really just a big pervert. He upskirts various female NPCs as an in-game hobby, and his reputation in the game as a result is dismal. As Triple Threat's only healer, his role is very important- but then again, he's not the best healer around, sinc his first instinct in a fight is to run for the exit. He prefers to fight with maces, but has been seen dual-wielding ogre scimitars, or using the Priest-class master item, Mjollnir (a lightning-based hammer with awesome power). In Lost Saga, a Priest is similar to a White Mage. Note: Outside the US, Boromid is named "Boromir".