Naru Narusegawa

Birthday:Mar 25, 1981
Height: 168 cm 5 6 Naru Narusegawa is a 17yearold student and resident of the Hinata Inn that can be described as one fuse short of a cannon because of her extremely fiery temper and tendency to be very physical mainly with Keitaro whenever she feels hes acting perverted. Of all the girls in the Hinata House she is victimized the most by Keitaros clumsiness which often results in her being naked exposed in some fashion or lying in very suggestive positions. Throughout most of high school she studied hard and became Tops in the nation on the college practice exams in order to get into Tokyo University. Because of her intense study regiment she became majorly shortsighted and has to wear thick cokebottle glasses when not wearing her contacts. Source: Wikipedia