Saori Shirahama

Birthday:Aug 30
Height: 168 cm Type: Katsujin Ken Shirahama Saori is Mototsugus wife and Kenichi and Honokas mother. She is a fairly tall and deceptively youthful look middleaged woman who is considered quite attractive. She is slender in built yet sports a rather curvaceous figure and sizable bust. She is fairskinned with brown eyes and straight brown hair traits she passed on to her children. Her bangs have strands hanging between her eyes with the rest being chinlength yet curve outwards to hang beside her face. She also has a few strands hanging over her ears to frame her face and shoulderlength ponytail at the back. She is commonly seen wearing pink lipstick a plain yellow shirt with a purple long sleeve underneath and short skirt just above her knees with stockings around her legs. She is also usually seen wearing a plain apron for chores. As a young teenager she was already considered very beautiful with a noticeable developed figure for her age. She as she had long brown hair reaching her waist. Unlike Mototsugu who always acts in a goofy and protective manner Saori is normally calm and collected member of the Shirahama household only getting worked up when her husband annoys or embarrasses her. She always has to subdue her husband in a comical manner whenever he gets too excited and tries to go to the Ryozanpaku dojo with his shotgun Sebastian. She often praises her husband whenever he does something fatherly which is often necessary because her husband usually breaks into tears after delivering an inspiring speech to Kenichi. When he tried to tell their children about how she gave him love letters when they were younger she was angry scratching her nails on the wall and giving a scary look suggesting she can be quite threatening when she wishes. She even threatened to show their children that he was the one who actually gave her tons of love letters when they were younger. Despite this she loves her husband very much as she always calls him anata. When it comes to her children she supports them in anything they do such as when Kenichi wanted to move in to Ryozanpaku she was a little worried but she knew he had a reason for what he was doing and supported his decision. Saori is also kind and gentle when it comes to parenting never yelling at her children and making sure they are safe even telling Honoka to give Kenichis masters a gift for good luck.