Youichi Hijiri

Gender: Male Age: 3 Alice: Ghost Manipulation/Age Control Yichi is attached to Natsume but seems to dislike Mikan at first. Later he becomes attached to Mikan and even kissed her on her cheek once. He eventually starts to quotclingquot to her later on in the manga. He has become very fond of Mr. Bear. He has the Alice of summoning bad spirits a Dangerous Ability type. He is very bright for a threeyearold. Natsume likes him since he feels that the boy is just like him and Natsume is also helping Yichi to be transferred out of the Dangerous Ability class. Like Mikan he loves quotFluff Puffsquot Howalon in Japanese the best selling candy in Central Town. During the Hana Princess arc he accidentally ate an aging candy that he stole from Hotaru which let him gain an ability that turns him into a 13yearold. The side effects gave him the ability to switch between younger and older self. He still has the mind of a 3yearold when he changes his age which makes it awkward for Mikan in some situations because he likes hugging and carrying her. He is the youngest member of the Dangerous Ability Class. He is a Single Star student. He also appears in M to N no Shz as Eiichi Hijiri039s younger brother.