Tiger of the Wind

疾風のライガー, Rygar

A blue, wolf-like monster with horns on his head. He is a feared thief and bandit known as "Tiger of the Wind". He was the leader of a pack of rogue mixed-breed Tigers that were isolated from all humans. Eventually, he met up with Genki. At first, he looked down upon Genki's optimistic and caring nature. Tiger had a rough past that changed him forever, giving him a jaded and cold view of life. However, after listening to Genki, he has learned to care more for others. A clan of Dinos commanded by Moo killed off Tiger's pack, so he joined up with Genki's team in hopes of finding and defeating Moo. Tiger is extremely fast and powerful in battle. He uses an array of swift attacks, as well as firing electricity from his horns and using ice-based attacks. Tiger once had a younger brother named Gray Wolf. They lived together as orphaned pups. Eventually, they built a pack of mixed-breed Tigers. When Tiger first met Moo, the giant monster killed every last member of Tiger's pack, and kidnapped Gray Wolf, leaving Tiger to die. Tiger would later find out the cold, harsh truth of what happened to his brother. Tiger was the Phoenix's anger. {Wikipedia}