Ageha Yoshina

夜科 アゲハ
Ageha Yoshina is the main protagonist of the manga franchise Psyren. He is a highschooler who takes part in the game of Psyren on and off. He first enters the game seeking the whereabouts of his classmate Sakurako Amamiya. After arriving he meets and subsequently pairs up with his other former classmate Hiryu Asaga. After surprisingly surviving the first round of Psyren he trains to control his PSI. On his second visit to Psyren he and his other friends team up with Oboro and Kabuto. He finds out Psyren takes place in the future and indirectly helps to save his friends in the past with this knowledge. Before he learned about Psyren Ageha was a relatively normal high schooler promising to take care of anyones problems for the price of 10000 yen. Agehas mother died years ago and his sister Fubuki Yoshina takes care of him. Agehas father Yoshina Asuka works as an astronomer. In his elementary years he was really laid back. His was friends with Asaga and Amamiya was in his class though he wasnt really friends with her. Ageha did however notice that her personality became coldhearted when her mother died.