Asaga Hiryuu

朝河, Dragon
quotDragonquot Asaga Hiryu is a tough guy who says that he came to Psyren in search of a friend. Ageha could barely believe it when he heard that the tall and muscular Asaga is the little crybaby he used to bully in elementary school. Asaga a holder of the Psyren phonecard got first summoned to Psyren during the same quotgamequot as Ageha where they met each other again after several years. He displays more proficiency with PSI than Ageha learning to use his abilities and controlling it faster though that may be because Ageha039s Melchsee039s Door is a more advanced technique. Asaga039s PSI ability resembles the tail of a Dragon in its Burst state fitting his nickname. Recently he has advanced his PSI ability as he is now able to create the wings of a Dragon that can whip up huge gales. Matsuri warns him to keep an eye on Ageha and Oboro039s abilities and claims he is the only one who could take them out if necessary.