Ellis is a young cheerful dancer, who was raised by a troupe of traveling minstrels in Turkey, being told that her parents had died in a car crash when she was an infant. She entered the first Toshinden tournament after hearing of rumors that her father was still alive and would also be participating. However, all she discovered was that the tournament had been held illegally by a man from the Secret Society named Gaia. One year later, however, Ellis had learned that Gaia was indeed her real father and received an invitation to the second tournament. The invitation also revealed that Gaia had been targeted for death for holding the first tournament illegally by Uranus, one of his co-workers from the Secret Society. Although Ellis felt no emotions towards Gaia, she entered the second tournament to save him nevertheless. She was eventually reunited with him and at the end of the tournament, had managed to help destroy Uranus and the Secret Society. When the third tournament, hosted by the Organization, was announced, Ellis and Gaia learned they were being targeted by the Organization. They both entered the tournament, in order to help bring down the Organization. The status of the relationship between Ellis and Gaia after the events of Toshinden 3 remains a mystery, but it is likely that the two may have reconciled their differences and that Ellis was able to re-establish a relationship with the father that she sought for so long.