Chizuko Mikamo

美甘 千津子, Chiko
First introduced as the 11yearold heiress to the Anastasia Ruby Chiko lived with her aunt and uncle after her parents died. However she acted coldly towards her relatives because she knew they were slowly poisoning her in order to inherit her parentsrsquo fortune. Luckily she was saved by NijMens who gave her the choice to leave with him when he had coincidently been there to steal the Anastasia Ruby. She admires NijMens a great deal and he becomes a very important role model for her. Chiko learns many tricks from everyone on the team and has the making to become a great thief. She usually only performs minor roles during the jobs such as distraction roles. One of her aliases is Lilly the high rope walker. At the age of thirteen Chiko appears to be the last survivor of the Phantom Thief team but that gets called into question when a detective who calls himself Akechi visits Chiko039s house. After hearing that NijMens may still be alive Chiko vows to find him by becoming a detective herself.