Unsui Kongo

Birthday:May 31
Blood Type:B
Position: Quarterback Jersey Number: 12 Birthday: May 31 2nd Year Student Grade 11 40Yard Dash: 5.1 seconds Bench Press: 95 kg A very strong player. Not much is known about him but in the previous years match between the Ojo White Knights and Shinryuji Naga both he and his brother as firstyear players were sent out with 5 minutes to play and Ojo holding a 163 lead. Their entrance resulted in a 1716 victory for Shinryji. During their secondyear Spring Tournament the Nagas trounce the White Knights by a score of 403 without Agon playing at all. Unsui is passionately devoted to football but is considered merely a good player. In contrast Agon takes a casual cynical almost scornful approach to the sport but is far better. Far more serious and intense than Agon Unsui is much better liked as opposed to feared like his brother is. He is a good player because of his wide range of vision allowing him to know where all his players are. Rather than Agons talent being innate Unsui has worked all his life to become as good as he is. His workrate seemed to have been recognized when he received a sports scholarship at Shinryji but it turns out it was meant for Agonthe school got the twins names mixed up. He feels his purpose is to back Agon up as much as he can to make his godgiven talents shine even more brightly. Source: Wikipedia