Haruka Nishiharu

西春 遙
A girl who was once immensely fat and scary that confessed her love to Shingo but got rejected despite expecting it with a HELP. As a result Haruka crushed Shingo under her enormous weight. When Shingo gets back to school Nishiharu has lost a lot of weight and Shingo doesnt recognize her until he notices the double mole on her breast. At first Nishiharu is still mad at Shingo for rejecting her but still cares for him. Later she begins to actively pursue him and feels a lot of regret for causing his gynophobia and the scars all over his body. Being the direct cause of Shingos fear makes it difficult for her to get truly close to him as he often has flashbacks of her beating him. She also has an intense fear of the supernatural and usually clings to Shingo from it. Her love is from Shingos praise while she was exercising. Source: Wikipedia