Akira Sakou

栄生 晶
A tomboy and the heiress of a very traditional and wealthy family. She is a secondyear student and the president of the school boxing club. Akira wishes she had been born a boy and consequently often acts and dresses as one to the extent of wearing boys underwear and shunning bras. She enjoys being with Shingo and has no qualms about stripping in front of him as she sees him as a buddy much to Shingos dismay. Despite her tomboyish demeanor at school Akira behaves and dresses like a very proper Japanese lady while at her family estate and is wellversed at traditional arts such as chanoyu tea ceremony and ikebana flower arrangement. She is extremely afraid of her mother and was once nearly married off to Shingo at her mothers behest but like the other girls she has shown feelings for him and jealously towards other girls out of the boxing club that shows attraction to him. She is later shown to be accompanied by ninja bodyguards sent by her mother one of which has a crush on Shingo because he was able to meet her eye to eye something that had never happened to her before. Source: Wikipedia