Hermann Saltza


Gerd's friend and a officer of XAT. He often defends Gerd and is angered by those who distrust him.

Because he saw Blue/Joseph kill Gerd, he has a deep grudge against him. He often defies orders to do what he thinks is right. He dies in a helicopter crash after telling Amanda to eject on a Paladin. He is brought back later as an Demoniac searching for Amanda. He eventually steals the prototype "666" bike and flees from Zwölf HQ. He undergoes a lone search for Wolf just to end his twisted ways. In episode 19, he kills Wolf with the help of revived Alvin. After helping Amanda rescue Malek from Zwölf, he and Amanda take refuge in an orphanage owned by Amanda's aunt, taking an injured Joseph and a comatose Malek with them. In episode 22, he senses Beatrice approaching the orphanage, intent on getting the data for Isis. He leaves alone to deal with her. Upon meeting Beatrice, he learns that she was the one responsible for Gerd and Malek's fate. After engaging in a fierce battle, he was able to win with the help of the awakened Malek. At the last moment, Beatrice made her last attack on Malek, before succumbing to her wounds. Hermann takes the hit for Malek, and dies in Amanda's arms after he asked Malek if he could have been a good brother to him. [Wikipedia]