Nene is a cute wellendowed girl raised from a rich family and was spoiled as a child but she doesnt let her looks or her affluency affect her personality. The daughter of a successful banker she has no trouble attracting people due to her good looks and her friendly personality. Although she makes male friends easily and has many of them she has difficulty trusting men outside of relationships due to an experience when she asked an upperclassman to view her sketches. Instead of viewing the work that she had invested her time into creating her upperclassman ignored them and came onto her. She explains that even though she had planned to have sex with him during their time together she really wanted her work to be viewed analyzed and possibly even appreciated. Nene is outwardly needier than Jun and has a great need for human contact. She tends to be laidback and never really seeks perfection accepting anything that barely meets her line of standards due to this personality trait she has difficulty overcoming her problems and often needs the support of someone else mostly if not always Jun to get through them. She expresses her individuality through designing and making clothes. Nenes initial desire for making clothes came from the fact that she originally had trouble finding clothes that fit her due to her large boobs. She attends university classes regularly but may fall asleep in them due to her low stamina. Her low stamina may also be the reason why she enjoys eating. Nene seeks solace within Jun due to her strong personality and independence qualities she feels that she lacks and might not ever have. Nenes feelings about sex are relatively simple. She enjoys having it since it feels right and its a way for her to temporarily forget about her troubles and issues. This ties in with the fact that she needs someone else to help her get through whatever is bothering her. Source: Wikipedia