Amakuni Saruno

The main character. Third baseman. Saruno is a fifteenyearold freshman in high school. He is loud obnoxious and perverted and often cracks corny jokes. Saruno tries several sports clubs in his desperation to find a girlfriend and finally settles on baseball in an attempt to win the affections of its manager Torii Nagi a polite and sweet girl who used to play softball. Saruno acts before he thinks and constantly exaggerates his baseball abilities despite the fact that he is a complete beginner. But although his bragging is empty he has an amazingly powerful swing and has the potential to become a great baseball player. He is the only person to have surpassed Juunishis legendary Mr. Fullswing Muranaka by accomplishing the same feat that earned Muranaka his record: hitting the school clock with a baseball from the baseball field. Source: Wikipedia