ノーマッド, Nomad
An AI recovered from a missile that was floating in space. He never completed his mission because he didnt want to die which is what would have happened if his warhead detonated. He is later placed into a stuffed animal vaguely resembling a round pink cat/penguin. Normad usually has endless praise for Vanilla despite her onandoff nonchalant abandonment and abuse towards him but has cynical views toward the rest of the Angel Team especially Milfuelle whom he calls a dimwit and Forte who returns the favor and routinely shoots him. Aside from occasional descriptive information he supplies he mainly provides comic relief due to his inability to avoid injury. His name might have been inspired by NORAD which warns against attacks by missiles corresponding to his original role. Normads voice is performed by Mika Kanai Vanilla. As for the English dub he is portrayed by Richard Ian Cox. In the first manga Normads body can be seen in chapter 2.