Tomoe Kashiwaba

柏葉 巴
An honor student at Juns school. She is quiet and kindhearted although her speech and style tend to be very dry and she often hides her true feelings. Tomoe was originally Hinaichigos medium but the bond between them was broken when Hinaichigo relied too much on Tomoes energy and was defeated by Shinku. Currently Tomoe helps Jun in his dealings with the Rozen Maidens and also assists him with his makeup work for school. Before it was severed Tomoes bond with Hinaichigo was about as close as siblings. In Rozen Maiden trumend before Hinaichigo loses her Rosa Mystica Tomoe reflects on all of the good times and memories she they shared and thanks Hinaichigo for being there. She is mistaken by Shirosaki as Juns girlfriend. Tomoe learned kendo from her father from an early age and is a member of the kendo club at school. She is often seen carrying her shinai when class is over. She is also a member of the school committee seemingly reluctantly.