Introduced: chapter 3, "Achilles' Last Stand" Personality: loyal, dependable, nervous, slightly romantic Group: Eroica Character Base: John Bonham (Led Zeppelin, drummer) --- Bonham is Eroica's right-hand man and is the mechanical whiz of the bunch. He's the first one Dorian will go to when regarding important things in whatever the thief may be planning. He's far more dependable than James, though both of them are always at the Earl's side. NATO Agents even find him helpful! The Alphabet and he, along with some others in Eroica's group of thieves, have teamed up before to help out their respective leaders--all without the Major finding out, of course. Bonham is afraid of the Major, more so after an incident where he coined Klaus as "Uncle NATO." Despite this, even Klaus thinks Bonham is useful after having to use his skills in one of his missions. Though Bonham seems the most practical--and perhaps sane--of Eroica's group, he's dedicated to the Earl, and seems to enjoy Eroica's passion for adventure and romance. Dorian of course loves his most dedicated worker right back, even if he does like to tease and scare poor Bonham once in a while.