Gouta Midorikawa

緑川 豪太
Gouta comes from a family with his father being a mage and his mother being a normal person. However his father kept him being a mage a secret from Goutas mother. As a result Gouta wasnt aware that he is a mage and never got any training from his parents when he was young. After she found about Goutas father keeping him being a mage a secret from her she became enraged and moved back to her parents. She also offered Gouta to live with her but he declined her offer. Eventually he moves to Tokyo to become a mage but doesnt have much faith in his abilities and also doesnt like that he is a mage so he initially struggles when performing magic and is not able to keep up with the other trainees. When he first came to Tokyo he was also involved in an accident trying the save a little girl from a car crash but wasnt able to do anything and was only saved because Sora stopped the truck that was about to hit him.