Gouta Midorikawa

緑川 豪太
Gouta comes from a family where his father is a mage who gave up being a mage due to difficulties on the way and his mother is a normal person. This is the secret Gouta039s father kept from Gouta039s mother all the years of their life together. His mother became enraged and moved back home with her parents offering to take Gouta with her. However Gouta decided to stay not really communicating much with his father. Due to this secret Gouta is a mage as well But because of this secret his father kept hidden all years Gouta didn039t get the practice all other mages have. Gouta refuses to use magic but later decides to give it a try. When Gouta arrives in Tokyo he tries to save a little girl in danger at town But to be saved by Sora who is perfect at magic. Later in the series Gouta falls in love with her and by Sora and his other friends are able to use magic when he really needs to. Later