Gion Toranosuke

Age: 22 Birthday: October 21st Horoscope: Libra Blood type: B Height: 176.4 cm Weight: 71kg Shoe size: 26cm Family members: Parents and elder sister Occupation: Graduate school 1st year Personality: Easygoing ecstatic. Sometimes intelligent. Since he039s good with reading the mood of the atmosphere he039s loved in many cases. Hobby: Collecting fancy goods. Watching cute kids. Special Ability: Normal permit junior high teacher licensescience 1st year. Dangerous item handlingsecond grade scout. Highest Education Completed: Currently in graduate school PhD 1st year. The twentytwo yearold student who apparently works as a parttime cameraman. Although he addresses Kanou as 039niisan039 Japanese for 039older brother039 he is not related to Kanou. He loves to record AV Adult Videos and thought Ayase was a girl the first time they meet when Kanou calls him. Despite often getting beaten up by Kanou he displays an incessantly friendly behavior towards him and is not afraid to taunt and tease him from time to time. He also has developped a liking for Ayase and is especially grateful to him for having mellowed Kanou039s merciless and aggressive personality. In the artbook the most expensive thing he owns is his camera which costs about 400000 Yen. He also dreams of recording an AV of Kanou and Ayase. Source: Wikipedia