Issei Nishikiori

錦織一成, Issei Nishikiyori

Reincarnation of Enju.

Issei was reborn in a male body because he believed that he could be closer to Gyokuran's next incarnation if they were both males (without the drama of a heterosexual relationship). Issei retains Enju's powers of telepathy. This telepathy caused Jinpachi to start having the moon dreams as well—and it also means that Issei and Jinpachi have the same dreams every night. The close friendship between Enju and Shushuran lasts two lifetimes. When Sakura and Issei meet in the real world, they become best friends once again. Sakura is desperate for Issei to get over his unrequited love for Jinpachi and move on. At the end of the manga, the two of them become engaged. In Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari, they are married but have been unable to conceive. Eventually, after more than five years of marriage, they discover that they are expecting their first child. Naturally, since he was a male, Issei doesn't physically resemble his former incarnation, Enju, although Sakura does, since Sakura admired Enju's hair.

(Source: Wikipedia)