エルク, Kaoru Ichinose

Elk's PC is a young, blue-haired boy wearing dark blue robes. He almost always has a gloomy expression on his face. In terms of appearance, he is an almost identical twin of Tsukasa, the only difference being minute changes in their robes, gloves, and hat, and a change in color scheme. Tsukasa is mostly gray and brown while Elk is blue and gray. Elk's face tattoo is also slightly different. Elk is a rather insecure person online. He seems to have a lot of trouble trusting other players, and is always shocked when somebody is nice to him. The only person he seems to trust is Mia, who he is rarely separated from. He can be downright mean to people if he feels they are trying to draw Mia's attention away from him.

Offline, Elk's player is Kaoru Ichinose (一ノ瀬薫), a thirteen-year-old middle school student who joined The World to make friends and attempt to change his shy and passive personality. He eventually went on to create the character Endrance.