Rokuna Hiiragi

Birthday:Jun 7
Mondos genius girlfriend whose intentions match his. Upon entering the Sixgate world Rokuna was granted the ability to see into the hearts of monsters allowing her to telepathically communicate with the monsters without language. Her combat strength is in effect and field spells otherwise she battles using an indefinitely extending pink ribbon that functions much like a tentacle. She loves cute and sparkly things takes care of the household and has an affinity for pink. Shes also interested in physics and has creepy tendencies. Those that know her well are afraid of her including her classmates and especially Mondo and her father. Rokuna is prone to violent retaliation if either does something she considers rude ranging from stomping to kicking in the face to smiting with lightning. The latter especially applies when Mondo is hitting on other girls. She holds no hard feelings to the girls themselves though. Rokuna is fairly motherly in nature gladly taking care of things that need it whether they be cute little things or gigantic monsters. Having grown up without a proper mother figure and needing to take care of her childish father she drifts between being either dependent or assertive in her role. On one side she can stand strong and takes responsibilities yet when Mondos around to offer protection she gladly takes it.