Ulquiorra Cifer

ウルキオラ・シファ, Schiffer
Birthday:Dec 1
Height: 169 cm 57 Ulquiorra is a male arrancar with a melancholic appearance. Ulquiora is the 4th ranked espada. Ulquiorra is also analytical during his and Yammys first visit to the human world he makes several remarks on the humans who confront them. He theorizes that Orihime Inoues healing power is a temporalspatial ability which Aizen describes as the rejection of fate and comments on how Ichigo Kurosakis final release can easily get through Yammys defenses. He also notes Ichigos power fluctuation which varies between very weak and stronger than his own. It would appear that Ulquiorra and Grimmjow the 6th Espada are not on good terms. While Ulquiorra allowed Yammy to kill anyone he deemed as trash which included Ichigo Ulquiorra allowed him to live based on his belief that Ichigos power was so turbulent that eventually he would destroy himself. Grimmjows conflicting viewpoint was that Ichigo should have been destroyed outright as he could overcome his weakness and grow even stronger. Despite Grimmjows argument Aizen trusted Ulquiorras judgment. This disagreement led to Grimmjows unauthorized assault on the real world. Though Ulquiorra is of a higher rank than Grimmjow Grimmjow is confident that Ulquiorra is afraid to fight him for fear of them destroying one another. When released his zanpakut Murcilago Murushierago? Japanese for giant blackwinged demon Spanish for bat creates two large black wings on his back. His hollow helmet centers atop his head sporting two large horns and his arrancar uniform appears more form fitting at the top becoming robelike towards the bottom. Additionally Ulquiorra is apparently unique among the Espada in that he has a second release Resurreccin Segunda Etapa Spanish for resurrection second stage. He becomes more muscular with clawed hands and feet the whites of his eyes turn black and his helmet is replaced with elongated horns. He loses his clothes his arms and legs from the hip down are covered in black fur and he gains a long thin tail. In both forms he can create long lances of energy called Lanza del Relmpago ransa deru reranpgo? Japanese and Spanish for lance of the lightning and when thrown can cause an explosion. Ulquiorra seems unfamiliar with the technique when he uses it in his second release state unexpectedly missing Ichigo with his first one however to compensate he can produce more should his first miss the target. Theme song: Moonshield on the album The Jester Race by the group In Flames.