Taiga Kamiya

Birthday:Feb 14
Blood Type:B
Position: Running Back Jersey Number: 26 40Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds Bench Press: 50 kg Team: Misaki Wolves Height: 167cm 53 Weight: 58kg 128 lbs Kamiya is the Misaki Wolves captain. He often boasts about his long legs which help him to run faster. He has short lightcolored hair much like Rikus a horizontal scar across his nose and fangs poking out of his mouth at all times. From the interview with Kumabukuros daughter he appears confident to the point of arrogance saying You can see my strong point right here cant you? Its these long legs. When asked what players he would watch out for he says Myselfis probably not the right thing to say... Agon? Though Im stronger than he is. Speed appears to be his only tactic. Before the game with Seibu he also says The level of my lead makes it feel like Kamiya Wolves already... Being called the quick shooter gunman is it some joke? With these long legs Ill give you instant death. This joke of course is overturned on them as Seibu wins by a large margin. However in anime Kamiya is portrayed as a player with outstanding skill giving Riku as well as the whole Seibu team a run for their money. Source: Wikipedia