Wonderweiss Margela

Birthday:Jul 6
Height: 155 cm 51 Wonderweiss Margera is an arrancar in Ssuke Aizens army. Though not an Espada Soul Society ranks his spiritual power in the same class as them. Wonderweiss is small thin and somewhat childlike. What is left of his hollow mask remains on top of his head and resembles a tiara or small crown. Wonderweisss personality is also childlike and even autistic. When sent on a mission to kill he instead plays around with a dragonfly. He shows a bit of hostility firing a retaliatory bala blast at one point but quickly reverts back to his regular state after doing so. He isnt able to speak clearly only saying a few syllables at a time like a child would. Kaname Tsen says that Wonderweiss like himself is a pure being though he makes a point of wondering whether he is pure good or evil which often tend to stick together causing Wonderweiss to follow him everywhere when possible. Also for this reason he tried to restrain Gin Ichimaru from getting closer to Tsen since Wonderweiss was wary of him. Wonderweisss zanpakut is a large purple sword strapped to his back about as tall as he is. The hilt resembles a western long sword rather than the more common katana although the familiar hilt weaving is present whilst the guard resembles an Egyptian eye. The name and released state of his zanpakut have not been revealed.