Naito Longchamp

内藤 ロンシャン
Longchamp is the overly hyper eighth generation Tomaso bossintraining. He happens to attend the same school as Tsuna but they first meet in their second year when Longchamp ended up in the same class as Tsuna. Unlike Tsuna Longchamp is optimistic and is excited about everything including being part of the Mafia. Though their families are rivals he constantly befriends Tsuna even inviting him to his house and going on group dates. Longchamp is known to have a unique taste in women also he usually has a new girlfriend every time Tsuna meets him. Some of these girls do not seem to like him so much and may actually despise him. Naito has a tattoo on his chest that reads quotDe Tomasoquot the full surname of the Tomaso Family. He also has a weird habit of collecting unusual objects including dead batteries and condiment packets and his bedroom is covered with junk as a result of his hoarding habits. from Wikipedia