Snow White
quotSnow Whitequot of the series. Even as a young child Blanche was beautiful. At the age of 7 she had surpassed her own mothers beauty. Because of this Blanches mother despised her she believed that Blanche was sucking out all her beauty. She hired a hunter to kill Blanche but he had already fallen in love with Blanchersquos beauty and she was able to escape into the forest before being killed. Despite this Blanche is not really the victim. Even though she is beautiful Blanche is far from being fair. Shes cold manipulative and an amazing liar. Blanche truly believes that she should be able to get whatever she wants because she is most beautiful girl in the world. After taking refugee in the forest with seven dwarfs her mother after finding out that Blanche was not killed disguises herself as an old lady and tries to give Blanche a poisonous apple. Blanche sees through her disguises and casual asks what shes doing. Her mother tries to convince Blanche that she really is an old lady. Blanche gives a brilliant performance on how her mother was never there to protect her from what father was doing to her. She takes a bite of the apple and collapses. While in a deep sleep Ludwig finds the cottage in the forest and takes Blanche with him to his castle to marry her he doesnt seem to mind the fact that shes dead. Miraculously Blanche is still alive and wakes up. She has a affair with Ludwigs father and has her mother tortured and killed. She tries to kill Ludwig but ends up being killed herself.