Blanche's Mother

The mother of Blanche. After finding out that her husband has been cheating on her with her own daughter she goes insane. She starts to believe that Blanche stole her beauty when she was born thus she hires an assassin to kill her. When that fails she decides to take matters into her hands. After discovering were Blanche was hiding out she disguised herself as an old woman and tried to give Blanche an apple with poison in it. Blanche sees right through her disguise but decides to eat the apple anyway. She tells her mother how she had always had to rely on herself because her mother would never protect her. Blanches mother is horrified and runs away feeling guilty that she killed her own daughter. Blanche does not really die though and immediately after staying in Ludwigs kingdom she confronts her mother and has her killed by having hot iron shoes put on her feet making her dance until she died.