Little Red Riding Hood
quotLittle Red Riding Hoodquot of the series. Lisette is a childhood friend of Wilhelm. She always wanted a redcolored hood but her family could only afford a grey one. Lisette did not like Ludwig at all and felt that he would always hog Wilhelm from her. She wanted Wilhelm all to herself. Ludwig happens to overhear her talking to herself in the forest and decides to play a trick on her. Lisettes mother sends tells her to take wine and cake to her grandmotherrsquos house. Beforehand Ludwig switched the road signs so Lisette winds up in an old burned house instead of her grandmothers house. The house was actually owned by a woman with no family but was killed when her house and set on fire by Hansel and Gretel. Lisette really does think that it is her grandmothers house and is horrified when she finds a corpse inside. Ludwig disguises himself as a wolf demon and tells Lisette that just like her grandmother she was sent as a sacrifice by her parents in exchange they would get a pile of gold. She runs home to see if this really is true. Meanwhile her parents are waiting for her back home. Theyrsquove prepared a special dinner and were surprised when they found a pile of gold outside their cottage. Lisette comes home and brutally murders her parents with an ax believing what the wolf demon said to her. Wilhelm hears screams and rushes to the cottage. Inside he finds Lisette covered in blood and her dead parents beside her. She goes crazy and goes for Wilhelm but Ludwig saves him. After that Lisette disappears never to be seen again. In the end she did however get the red hood she wished for even if it was dyed with fresh blood. Several years later we see Lisette again. Shes now known as quotLittle Red Riding Hoodquot. Shersquos become an assassin and a wanted criminal. This time shes after Prince Ludwig and wonlsquot rest until helsquos dead. She despises Ludwig ever since the incident and blames him for the fact that she now enjoys killing.