Shinbei Inue

犬江親兵衛, 犬江親兵衛仁, Daihachi
Bears the jin bead of benevolence. He is Kobungos nephew and was originally known as Inue Daihachi. Following the skirmish at the Shoguns palace Shino is given refuge at Kobungos inn but Kobungos brotherinlaw Daihachis father offers to turn Shino over to the authorities in return for a reward that would help keep his family afloat. Kobungo refuses to sacrifice Shino and a fight ensues resulting in the deaths of Daihachis parents. Kobungo takes it upon himself to raise the child along with Genpachi and Shino but sometime after the group temporarily splits up a vision of Princess Fuse and Yatsufusa appears. Telling Kobungo that the child will be safe under their care he willingly hands Daihachi over to be raised in an otherworldly realm. Some time later the child returns fully grown extremely powerful and with the new name of Inue Shimbei.