Daikaku Inumura

犬村大角, 犬村大角礼儀, Kakutarou
Bears the rei bead of courtesy his birthmark is on his buttocks much to his embarrassment. He is first introduced in the story as Kakutar son of Akaiwa Ikkaku a talented swordsman who unbeknownst to everyone in the village was demonically possessed by an evil cat spirit many years ago. Kakutars wife Hinaginu was given the rei bead as a keepsake memento but swallowed it down when Kakutars stepmother demanded that she relinquish it. Since that incident Hinaginus stomach bulged as if pregnant sparking talk of an affair with another man. When confronted by Akaiwa about her unborn child she mortally stabbed herself in the stomach with a knife to prove to everyone that she wasnt pregnant. Meanwhile the cat spirits possession of Akaiwa had advanced rapidly forcing Kakutar to execute his own father. With no one else left in his life he renames himself Daikaku and joins the others.