Sleeping Beauty,Idike

"Sleeping Beauty" of the series. Friederike (or "Idike") is the second princess we are introduced to.

When she was born her mother held a celebration and invited twelve witches. Eleven witches gave her gifts such as virtue, beauty and vast knowledge. However before the twelfth witch would give her gift the thirteen, and uninvited, witch burst in. Angry that she was not invited, she cursed Idike and said that when she was fifteen she would prick her finger on a spindle and die. The twelfth witch then saved Idike and managed to change the curse slightly; instead of dying Idike would fall into a deep sleep and would only wake up when kissed by the prince of her destiny. ~!As Idike got older she studied hard to gain the attention of her father, who was rarely around and everyone else in the castle but she was only praised for her looks. No one ever praised her accomplishments because they believed they were given to her by the witches. She grew up believing that a crayfish blessed her mother and left her pregnant with her, when in actuality she was the result of a brutal rape. Idike was horrified when she heard the story. She refused to believe it...but she couldn't be sure until she pricked her finger on the spindle. If the story wasn't true nothing would happen to her, she took a huge gamble but she fell asleep, the story was true. She, along with everyone else in the castle, fell into a deep sleep.

Prince Ludwig was able to talk to Idike in his dreams when he feel asleep with the Idike's pocket watch that had been given to her by her father. He had found the pocket watch in a field of flowers. Lui did not really get along with Idike at first; she was rather violent towards him and hit him several times.

At the castle Lui and Wilheim are given a warning by a witch to not enter the castle because the curse. Lui finds out where the witch lives and forces her to tell the truth; she was the witch that cursed Idike. She does tell the truth and says that the curse was never real, she had placed a drug on the spindle that caused Idike to fall asleep.

Back at the castle Idike’s spirit had manifested itself as a large thorn monster but Lui was able to convince Idike that the curse was not true. The thorns that had covered the castle disappeared and he was able to enter the castle. When Lui kissed the sleeping Idike, she awakens. Howeve,r the magic binding the curse has caused time to start in the castle once more. Since it's been one hundred years time Idike dies after waking up. Lui has to continue on his search for a wife but Idike remains to be the first and only woman he ever truly loves. She always worries about Lui, even agreeing to help Dorothea to save him.

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