Tracks is somewhat of a rarity amongst the Autobots in that he prefers his new Earth car mode to his original Cybertronian form. His concern over his appearance has led to some friction with his fellow Autobots as they think he should be less concerned with his looks and more on the battle with the Decepticons. Tracks first appeared in the second season of the original animated series during the episode quotDinobot Island Part 2quot. He would go on to make regular appearances. He was the star of two connected episodes quotMake Tracksquot and quotAutoBopquot. In the former he was one of the Autobots assigned to New York to combat a spate of carjackings. Tracks quickly fell in love with the city but after chasing some carjackers ended up crashing and being stolen by a street youth named Raul. The two soon came to an understanding and helped each other discover what the stolen cars were really being used for to make an army of drones for the Decepticons. Like many other season 2 Autobots Tracks was gradually phased out for season 3. He appeared on a few scenes of Transformers: Headmasters during some operations on Earth.