コン, Kaizou Konpaku, King of New York, Kon-sama
Birthday:Dec 30
Kon primarily serves as a comedic foil in the series when not inhabiting Ichigos body his normal plushie body is treated with little respect and much disdain. The humorously cruel treatment he is always subjected to provides the comic relief in Bleach. One of the only people who gives him any respect is Chad however Chad ignores him most of the time. His plushie body is a knockoff of the main character of the popular TV show Carnivore Kingdom named Ponkichi which happens to be Chads favorite show. It was a prize from the shooting game in the Karakura Town Festival.2 He is constantly stepped on and torn at which point Ichigo will have Ury Ishida repair the plushie. Ury usually adds something unwanted or unnecessary when doing so such as dressing Kon up like a designer doll. Ury also sewed a Quincy cross on the back of Kons head as revenge after Kon attacked Ury for turning him into a doll. Kon is quite perverted and often takes advantage of his form to get girls to hug him to their chests which rarely goes as planned. After Ichigo becomes less dependent on Kon to transform Kon comments on how he wouldnt mind taking Ichigos body out for a spin again saying that hed like go peeping and pulling up skirts because as he puts it Its Ichigos reputation that gets sullied. Kon is very fond of Rukia calling her sister though this extends to basically any pretty girl. Kon is a special type of soul pill called a modified soul or ModSoul. When inserted into a body an aspect of the body is made superhuman which in Kons case is enhanced speed and strength. Because of the shady origins of the ModSoul the soul society called for the destruction of all ModSoul pills but luckily Kon was shipped out with a load of regular soul pills by mistake. This gives rise to his belief that everyone should be given a chance at life and should not be killed merely based on the circumstances of their origins. His name Kon comes from the word ModSoul Konpaku another name for modified soul. Though Kon wanted his name to be Mod Ichigo disagreed for the same reason that Kon liked it it sounded too cool. Theme songs: Nichiyoubi Dansu by Kuuki Koudan Kon Theme 1 and Bushman by Rip Slyme Kon Theme 2