Nozomu Ezomori

犹守 望
Age: 200+ Race: Yokai spirit wolf Likes: Kouta Oyamada meat Dislikes: Chizuru Minamoto Relatives: Saku Ezomori older brother Nozomu Ezomori is a female spirit wolf who attends Koutas school as a firstyear student. Nozomu has short silver hair and dark blue eyes. In her spirit wolf form she has a short gray tail and gray wolf ears. She can shift between her human and wolf form at will. Despite Nozomus detached and emotionless personality shes in love with Kouta and thus a rival of Chizuru for Koutas affections. She sometimes insults Chizuru by calling her a Horny Beast saying that Chizuru smells obscene and that her breasts are flabby. Despite having small breasts and a more childlike appearance she frequently tries to initiate sexual acts with Kouta. She lives by herself in an expensive but empty penthouse apartment where she always sleeps naked on the floor. Source: Kanokon Wiki edited