Kouta Oyamada

小山田 耕太, Beast, King of Eros, Great Erotic King
Race: Human former Yokai current Relatives: Unnamed grandfather unnamed parents Kouta Oyamada is a firstyear high schooler. Before moving to the city he lived with his grandfather. On his first day of school he met Chizuru Minamotohttps://anilist.co/character/10902/ChizuruMinamoto and discovered that she was a yokai. Kouta is short has brown hair and silver eyes. Hes shy bears a mild personality and is indecisive often with Chizuru and Nozomu Ezomorihttps://anilist.co/character/10900/NozomuEzomori. Despite his reluctance to engage in the intimate acts Chizuru desires Kouta bears feelings for her. Theyre able to fuse into a powerful being which can only occur between a human and a kitsune when they share a deep emotional link. In this form Kouta transforms into a blackfurred fivetailed spirit fox. Due to his relationship and exposure to yokai hes turned into a yokai specifically a kitsune. Source: Kanokon Wiki edited