Fate Averruncus

フェイト・アーウェルンクス, Tertium
The last of the three mercenary children helping Chigusa. He supposedly came to Japan from the Istanbul Magic Association a month prior the school field trip to Kyoto but was actually hired by Chigusa Amagasaki for her plan. She refers to him as Newcomer. Fate is an expert in both Western and Eastern magic is highly skilled in martial arts noted by Negi to slightly resemble the chinese martial arts he practices and is stronger and more skilled than Negi as of the current story arc. He was the one that almost turned everyone at the Kansai Magic Association headquarters into stone and kidnapped Konoka when Chigusa failed to do so on earlier attempts. The name he has may not be his real name as noted by Eishun and furthed by Professor Akashis report. He disappeared after he and the summoned demon god were defeated by Evangeline. He specializes in waterbased and petrification spells and can perform Eastern magic such as summoning demons using ofuda. Recently Fate has appeared outside the gate to the magic world and upon entering the magic world by following Negis group attacks Negi by piercing him with a spearlike projectile. He and a group of mages whose identities are unknown however one of them seems to know Asuna then engage in battle with Negis ministras separating the group with a forceful transportation spell and accomplished the mission they were originally sent to do: destroying the gateway to the normal world the group later set out to destroy the other gate keys. Fate and his group later framed Negis team for this putting a bounty on each of the Ala Alba members making it harder for them to move freely. It is noted by Evangeline that Fate may not be human saying he was something more akin to a puppet. His and his groups intentions are not known at this time.