Izuru Kira

吉良 イズル
Date of Birth: March 27th Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 173 cm 50398quot Weight: 56 kg Izuru Kira was born to a family of lesser nobility his parents having been dead since he was young. While in the Shinigami Academy Kira befriended Momo Hinamori Renji Abarai and Shhei Hisagi and they were often seen spending time together. After graduation Kira along with Renji and Momo was sent to the 5th Division where he stayed until Gin Ichimaru became Captain of the 3rd Division. Kira is loyal to both his friends and his duties perhaps to a fault. Despite the close friendship he shares with Momo Hinamori Kira shows that his loyalty knows no boundaries when he defends his captain while she is in a griefinduced rage from her own Captain039s apparent death. Despite this he calls himself a quotmonsterquot afterwards for raising his sword against her. Kira039s Zanpakut is Wabisuke. Its Shikai command is quotRaise your head.quot When activated Wabisuke039s Shikai bends the blade into a square hook. In this form Wabisuke doubles the weight of whatever it strikes. The ability affects both inanimate objects and living beings. Though a seemingly pointless ability in sword combat the effect is cumulative. With a second hit from Wabisuke the weight will double again and so on exponentially. Thus after seven or eight blocked attacks his opponents are unable to lift their own swords. Once Wabisuke039s effect becomes noticeable Kira039s opponents often fall to their knees with their heads bent down as if in apology thus the name of Kira039s Zanpakut. Source: Bleach official character books IIII