Konoemon Konoe

近衛 近右衛門
The School Dean and Konokas grandfather which likely played a role in his decision for Negi to live with his granddaughter and Asuna. What has been indicated is that he is a kindhearted man but extremely strict. He is also the chief of the Kant Magic Association. The Deans hobby is arranging omiai for Konoka to choose a future fiance despite Konoka not wanting to. He even offered the position to Negi. One previous successful arranged marriage was his daughters marriage to the chief of Kansai Magic Association Eishun Konoe which resulted in Konokas birth and the easing of tensions between the Kansai and Kant Magic Associations which has been at odds for quite some time over the Kant Associations adoption of western magic techniques. The first anime series suggests that he may have known Sayo when she was still alive.