A character appearing only in the 35th episode of the anime. An alchemist Lust encountered years ago Envy saw potential in him to advance their plans to make a Philosophers Stone. After the Homunculi deliberately spread the Fossil Disease in his village Lust gave him a Red Stone ring to use against the Fossil Disease. However Lujon fell in love with Lust and Lust began to feel the first stirrings of her humanity as Lujon reminded her of her creator Scars brother. When they met again Lust killed him to quotfixquot the mistake of getting him involved in the Homunculis plans. Upon his death everyone in the village fell to the disease and none were left alive. Despite Gluttonys pleading her Lust did not allow Gluttony to eat Lujons body after his death. In the English Dub he also mentions the Ishballan God Ishballa and when using Alchemy frequently prays to him. He resembles Scars brother from the manga.