Hajime Saitou

Height: Medium Eyes: Dark Brown/Grey Hair: Black Affiliation: Shinsengumi Position in Shinsengumi: Sanban tai taichou Leader of the 3rd Unit Most notable quote: 039It is my policy not to fight with unskilled swordsmen.039 Saitou Hajime one of the best swordsmen in the Shinsengumi and the Leader of the Third Unit. He has the uncanny ability to feel the thoughts of the dead and even communicate with them. This makes him a little freaky at first but as the series and the manga progresses we get to see just how dedicated he is to the Shinsengumi. He039s an expert at blending into the background and people whom he doesn039t want to be noticed by rarely ever detect his presence. Garbed usually in black this solemn figure rarely ever laughs though he seems to enjoy giving Tetsu little shocks by appearing suddenly in front of him. Saitou039s mysterious manner causes many to keep their distance which seems to suit him just fine. His icy manner though doesn039t deter Tetsu from following him around.