Uranus is the angellike but extremely powerhungry secondincommand of the Secret Society a criminal organization. Though she served the group039s leader Master with no question Uranus had sought to overthrow her and become the new leader of the organization. Prior to joining the Secret Society Uranus was an ordinary woman and the girlfriend of Duke B. Rambert. When she learned that Gaia one of her coworkers had hosted the first Toshinden tournament behind the Secret Society039s back in order to start a rebellion she declared him a traitor and marked him for death. However Gaia escaped and went into hiding. Uranus had then sent him an invitation to the second tournament in an attempt to lure him out. Although Gaia had indeed entered Uranus was eventually killed along with Master by him and the rest of the fighters he had aligned himself with during the tournament. During the events of the fourth tournament a girl named Puella Marionette carries Uranus039 bow and it is strongly implied that Uranus was her mother.