Rungo Iron


Rungo is a strong yet kind-hearted miner who had discovered a hidden uranium deposit belonging to the Secret Society prior to the first game. When the Secret Society learned of this, they kidnapped his wife Lila and son Christopher[2]. After being led to the first Toshinden tournament, he entered it to rescue them and was successful in his mission[3]. One year later, Rungo had received a call for help from Gaia. From within an explanation, Gaia had told Rungo that he had hosted the tournament illegally and was now being branded a traitor and marked for death by Uranus, one of his co-workers in the Secret Society[3]. Although Rungo had fought against him in the last tournament while trying to save his family, he realized Gaia was not the one responsible for their kidnapping. Rungo agreed to help Gaia get revenge and entered the second tournament[3]. He was successful in destroying the Secret Society with the rest of the fighters and eventually Uranus was killed. When a third tournament was announced, Rungo learned that it was being hosted by the Organization and that he was one of their targets. He entered the tournament to help destroy the Organization. With the fall of the Organization, it is assumed that Rungo had retired from the fighting scene so that he can be with his family and continue his life as a decent miner.