Rally Dawson

Rally may look like a girl but he is indeed a boy. He is the youngest in the crew that hang out with Yusei in Satellite and assumes the role of the thief in order to get what they need even without the approval of his friends. Because of this Rally has a small Marker under his left eye. In the first episode of the anime he gives Yusei a chip for his DWheel protesting that he hasnrsquot stolen it when the reality is he has. Security track him down and the first duel between Yusei and Ushio occurs. Rally is an upbeat and optimistic boy who looks up to Yusei and Jack as heroes. After Jack drifted from the group Rally desperately tried to get him to become friends with Yusei after the two seemed to have a disagreement and informed Jack of the test that Yusei is about to carry out on the DWheel. Jack called Rally to an undisclosed location the boy immediately following the request after feeling he owed Jack for saving him from thugs that had been chasing him during a previous occasion. Jack then knocked Rally unconscious and tied him up before placing him in a boat and setting him adrift as bait to lure Yusei in. When Yusei arrived Jack forced him to choose between his DWheel and his friend Yusei choosing the latter without hesitation. While Jack rode off with Stardust and Yuseirsquos DWheel Yusei rescued Rally who sank below the surface of the water. Rallyrsquos determination for Yusei to follow Jack and resorting to thievery may be a result of guilt because of this incident. During the second season Rally is with the others when Yusei and Crow return and make their way to the B.A.D lands where Crow lives. During the night Rally wakes up to find Yusei gone and follow the two DWheelers to find Yusei duelling Kiryu. When Yusei loses and Crow takes him to Martharsquos Rally insists that the others take Yuseirsquos damaged DWheel and protests how it represents their friendship. The others eventually agree and the four run into multiple incidents on their way before meeting with Saiga. They return to Martharsquos and wait for news on Yuseirsquos condition.